Llyn y Cwn – Megaliths

Llyn y Cwn - Megaliths  


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Llyn y Cwn – Megaliths
CD/Digital Download, Cold Spring Records, 2024

“Megaliths” is based on field recordings made at various UK megalithic sites with the goal to recreate the atmosphere/environment/feeling of each site; the sounds found on site actually dictated the feeling of the music. Furthermore, it also involved recording impulse responses at burial chambers and used convolution reverb to replicate the ambience encountered of the sites.

Well, the aural adventure of dark, gloomy ambient sees a further extension of the expert fusion of field recordings with electronics to interpret the often bleak but beautiful Welsh landscape that UK artist Llyn Y Cwn (aka Ben Powell) draws inspiration from.

The intriguing, subtle shifting soundscapes and layered drones making up the ten tracks (all named after a prehistoric site) actually transport the listener to one of the many UK territories of standing stones and burial grounds while foreboding, ominous, or discordant overtones flood all over the place. A handful of harmonic textures fused with sounds of birds, sheep and the natural environment make up “Pentre Ifan” while the realm of the ancient, ceremonial, and mystic remains present.

While still not for the faint of heart, check out this in-depth ambient recording if you’re looking for some immersive, otherworldly stuff (best taken in with headphones).

Website: llynycwn.bandcamp.com

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