Logic Gate – Voyages

Logic Gate - Voyages

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Logic Gate – Voyages
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2008

“Voyages”, a musical tribute to human exploration, is the second album by Steve Grace (aka Logic Gate), who describes it as dreamy ambient old school electronica.

The 48-minute release features lots of warm synths/mellotron pads and morphing drone soundscapes along sequencer patterns, of which the most part is in vintage style and strongly remembers of TD’s sound of 1973-1975.

I for one perceive the outcome as nicely paced and imaginary electronic music with occassional drums and louder soundlevels. I especially like the shorter spacemusic piece “Starlight” with its smooth choir and retro textures and the gentle vintage spheric paintings layed down on “Permafrost” and “The Voyage Home” following after it.

The album is available from e.g Magnatune, Jamendo and Bandcamp.

Website: logicgate.bandcamp.com


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