Loneward – Beyond the Sea Part One

Loneward - Beyond the Sea Part One

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Loneward – Beyond the Sea, Part One
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024

A lot of the music Mike Carss has put out by now has been a most pleasant and overtly relaxed listening experience. Mr. Carss recalls the impetus for “Beyond the Sea” originated from a trip to Honduras, and features photography and field recordings Mike took there.

Well, the 73-minute outcome, split into six separate tracks, consists of expansive textural music to dream and drift effortlessly into the beyond. Listeners should expect a most comfortable and warm soundscape affair, yet still shaded with a melancholic yearning beneath the surface. I’d say this music celebrates the awe, wonder, and majesty of the water element in a graceful, gentle manner and is an effective vehicle to unwind a busy mind by taking the slow lane.

As the composer already remarked himself, those fond of the Altus’ releases “Komorebi” and “Innerspace” or Loneward’s “Pure” will absolutely want to immerse into this….

Website: www.altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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