Loneward – Beyond the Sea Part Two

Loneward - Beyond the Sea Part Two

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Loneward – Beyond the Sea Part Two
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024

The gentle, unhurried sonic repose created on “Part One” continues on each of the five 13-minute tracks making up this 67-minute release. The freeform atmospheric realm remains enchanting and overtly relaxed all the way through with emotive textures and drone tapestries containing equal parts joy and sorrow. Next to that, I’d say a beautiful sense of longing and fulfillment shines through on “Distant Wanderers” while melancholic and slight Vangelis vibes drift on and off on the quite deep “Wells of Illusion”. The synthetic waves of both “Submerged” and “Twilight Mirage” prove a tad more profound and symphonic, rising and falling effortlessly in an overall ethereal, gracious, and glacial landscape.

Although, there’s nothing new here, the soft glowing outcome still makes a nice addition to my private selection of music-for-the-slow-lane.


Website: www.altusmusic.bandcamp.comYou can see what reviews I have done of this artist on the Loneward artist page


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