Loneward – Ferric Expeditions

Loneward - Ferric Expeditions

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Loneward – Ferric Expeditions

CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release/Ambient Soundscapes, 2023

Loneward’s “Ferric Expeditions”, mastered by the Ultimae label owner Vincent Villuis, is an ambient release published in collaboration with Ambient Soundscapes (a division of Valley View Records).

The 47-minute concept recording consists of a series of ten gently unfolding audio vignettes (each exploring a musical motif—either holding within a pattern or slowly shifting over time) showcasing the specific qualities of the compact cassette. As such, the sound quality of the meditative, introspective, and at times melancholic/contemplative soundscape music isn’t bright as is the constant presence of non-distracting noise.

In the end “Ferric Expeditions” doesn’t prove as consistent, profound, and expressive as I’m used to from this Canadian artist.


Website: www.altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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