Loneward – Fractional Dimensions Volume 1

Loneward - Fractional Dimensions Volume 1

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Loneward – Fractional Dimensions Volume. 1
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Creating proper long-form music demands patience, attention, and talent. Under the Altus-moniker, Mike Carss already delivered some fine stuff such as the “Sleep Theory”- trilogy. Now he kicks off something similar -ambient music in its purest form- using the Loneward-moniker with “Fractional Dimensions”. It’s the first in an ongoing long-form series (inspired by Steve Roach’s long-form works such as “Slow Heat”, “Darkest before Dawn”, “The Dream Circle” or the music assembled on “Pure Flow”) that explores slow-moving spaces for contemplation, meditation, and sleep, best experienced at a low listening level.

The 62-minute outcome is a smooth drift into a world of calm and serenity where we float on soft textural tapestries evolving gently over time. It’s nothing exceptional, just another great help if you want to break away from the world’s constant buzz and turmoil and find a safe haven of solace, peace, and quiet instead.


Website: altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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