Loneward – Fractional Dimensions Volume 3

Loneward - Fractional Dimensions Volume 3

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Loneward – Fractional Dimensions Volume 3

CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

“Fractional Dimensions Volume 3”, of which the previous volumes were published in 2022 and Spring 2023 respectively, is part of an ongoing series from Canadian composer Mike Carss (aka Loneward) that explores slow-moving spaces for contemplation, meditation, and sleep.

The low-volume music featured here actually revisits, or better reimagines, the composition “Magellanic Clouds” from the 2007 album “The Grand Expanse” making the musician break it apart attentively, explore its inner workings, and then rebuild it again in greater detail, all ending up in the almost 62 minute “Structural Eternal”.

Well, the latter continues Loneward´s sonic output of slow unfolding textural canvasses that feel like a warm comforting blanket, a calm ongoing, gentle shapeshifting realm uplifting the mind and creating lucid imagery along the way. Nothing exceptional but still done nicely.

Website: www.altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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