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Loneward - Home

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Loneward – Home
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

One of the worst fears a musician may have is to (nearly) lose music still in the works or not yet released. This is what happened to Loneward’s second release “Home” where the majority of the music was nearly lost to a severe hard drive issue (the mainboard in the NAS had died). Fortunately after a few weeks of troubleshooting and having the mainboard replaced, composer Mike Carss was able to recover the files and immediately backed them up. Needless to say during that time he was very upset and agitated at the prospect of losing all that work as he knew he wouldn’t have been able to recreate it.

Like its predecessor, “Home” is an ambient drone work made up of six emotive, gentle unfolding and wavering soundscapes forming a cohesive, in-depth and meandering journey. The 60-minute result proves dreamful, melancholic, thoughtful and soothing, offering an assortment of introspective farscapes where textural, slight symphonic-flavoured waves carry on, even to an immersive extend. It even feels like a balm for the soul occasionally. “Sacred Space” evoked a rather pastoral realm for me while “Memories Past” and the epic expanse “You are whole” (that one deserves 4 stars easily) send shivers down my spine.

I’d say this release makes another well-rendered and fulfilling life’s companion.


Website: http://altusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/home

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