Loneward – Our Unyielding Sky

Loneward - Our Unyielding Sky

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Loneward – Our Unyielding Sky
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Many composers in the Em-genre, e.g. Mychael Danna, Peter Challoner, Erik Wollo, and Thom Brennan just to name a few, have been fascinated and inspired by the sky above us.

The ambient journey making up Mike Carss’s “Our Unyielding Sky” -who considers the sky as our window to the universe beyond- takes its listeners into the wide expanse up above, presenting assortments of warm, smooth building, symphonic-angled textural sound worlds complimented by small sequencer bits.

There’s a lucid as well as majestic veil hanging all over the freeform outcome which also features various lovely ethereal accents while the floating dreamscape unfolds. Loneward takes it even a step further with velvet, angelic textural tapestries unfolding effortlessly before the mind’s eye on “Aegis”. I’d say the 65-minute/7-track “Our Unyielding Sky” makes nicely rendered relaxation music for the slow lane.

Website: www.altusmusic.ca

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