Loneward – Protection

Loneward - Protection

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Loneward – Protection
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

Loneward is a new side-project by Mike Carss (aka Altus) launched in August 2018. As the composer elaborates it will exist alongside Altus, however from this point on Loneward will be the source of Carss purer ambient and drone works. Recent examples would be “Innerspace” (2016) and “Komorebi” (2015) as well as the bit older “Coma Cluster” (2009).

Well, it shows in the overtly gentle, vast and warm textures found on “Protection” created by an electronic orchestra, expressing profound emotive currents as well as a calm sense of being. Further on the at times quite intense sounding recording there’s a subtle rise and fall of synth waves along an elegant play of ethereal fragrances. It makes a soothing, soft breathing outcome on the first half with the first glances of travelling inward on “Recall”. I’d say it isn’t lightness found here anymore as “Return” shifts into darker mode without hesitation while I feel “Remain” dwells in a rather saddening realm in which melancholic, lonely and reflective hints can’t be missed. The title track rounding out the 63-minute ambient album ventures in the wide open again delivering a positive nod as well as a certain sense of release.

“Protection” proves quite a daring ambient effort after all revealing further deeper layers and meaning after several spins. I’d say it’s recommended for those seeking a sense of contemplation and appreciating the deeper, focussed listening experience.

Note: more info on Mike’s reasons for starting the Loneward project can be found in the Altus-feature on this site.

Website: http://altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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