Loneward – Pure

Loneward - Pure


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Loneward – Pure
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

Emotive, elegant, absorbing, and intrinsic are keywords applying to the music of Loneward’s fourth album “Pure”. The 6-track/58-minute outcome of clouds of sound –with the aim to hold the listener in stasis- is a panorama of drifting, expansive, full-blow, slow evolving textures where the sense of calm is imminent and all over the place.

Layers of sedate, smooth elevating soundscapes massage the ears and pass by gently, reaching a highlight on the highly evocative, most touching “Pass On” whose symphonic- hinted cloudscapes air a profound melancholic vibe. The sense of loss and remembrance carries on beautifully on the lush “Wind-swept Reminders” making me shed quite a couple of tears, before arriving at (a certain stage) of acceptance and to carry on at the finale “Let Go”.

All in all, this release is a fine companion when one has to deal with grief and its aftermath. In a sense, it helped me in a similar manner as Vangelis “Foros Timis Ston Greco” or Paul Sauvanet’s “Tristesse” did previously. Thanks, Mike for this captivating journey.

Website: http://altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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