Loneward – Willoweald

Loneward - Willoweald  


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Loneward – Willoweald
CD-r/Digital Download, Private Release/Stereoscenic, 2023

Gentle and overall lush orchestrations make up Loneward’s “Willoweald”, a nearly 60-minute peaceful and imaginary piece of ambient soundscape music inspired by the spring season.

As I’ve come accustomed to from Mr. Carss, the layering, and merging of textures is very well done, building emotive, dreamy atmospheric arcs to full effect. Mellowness is all around here without things getting cheesy. Rays of pastel sunlight sparkle especially on the uplifting “Enveloped by Beauty” and mesmerizing “Petal and Leaf”. At the end of the release, we find the “Delicate Illusions”, a 21-minute dreamscape where the elements whirl, soar, and float onward effortlessly.

Like Loneward’s previous albums, “Willoweald” is another sanctuary where the listener can submerge in a world of beauty and calm. Nice going, Mike!

Website: altusmusic.bandcamp.com

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