Loom – Scored (live)

Loom - Scored (live)


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Loom – Scored (live)
CD, Viktoriapark Records, 2012

“Scored” contains the fantastic, full-length E-Live 2011 performance by Loom, aka Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese and Robert Waters (aka Robert Wässer). All present then will remember the very professional, versatile and dynamic music played by the trio, with Johannes Schmoelling playing very emotionally and enthusiastically.

The concert featured 17 tracks and three encores with music from the core of Tangerine Dream, Jerome Froese and Johannes catalogue. Besides that, there’s some great piano by Mr Schmoelling, most notably on the opening piece “Palace of Dreams”, totally performed by the master himself.

The played music during the concert is most exciting while the recording has retained its direct and intimate atmosphere where emotions lift things up to a high level. One of the many highlights on the first cd are the stunning “Matjora is still Alive” along the already mentioned opening piece, “A Long Walk Home” and the dynamic “Abacus”.

On the second cd, this goes for the gentle, intimate “Circles” (again Johannes solo on piano), followed by the tantelizing “Towards the Evening Star” (featuring some really chunky guitar licks) along “White Eagle”/“Beach Theme”. An I almost forgot the great title track from Johannes excellent last album “Time and Tide” played as one of the encores.

Due to the fact that “Scored” has preserved the live atmosphere very well, one can’t get much closer to the buzz and vibe of the wonderful concert when things took actually place on stage that day (beside maybe a dvd). This is already a classic album and an absolute must-have!

Website: www.loom-project.com

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