Loren Nerell – Lilin Dewa

Loren Nerell - Lilin Dewa

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Loren Nerell – Lilin Dewa
CD, Side Effects, 1996

“Lilin Dewa”, the follow-up album of Loren Nerell’s 1986- release “Point of Arrival”, takes us on a deep sonic trip into the culture of Java and Bali.

The 5-track outcome offers gamelan (an ensemble of instruments, mostly tuned percussion similar to xylophones) along loops and assorted field recordings, making up resonating ambient spaces. The ceremonial-like result is repetitive and hypnotizing in nature as it unfolds slowly as organic and acoustic dronescapes, creating an atmosphere of contemplative, surreal, mystical meditative-infused realms on the long pieces.

“Bamboo, Iron, Resin, Bronze”, the only shorter piece, is a varied rhythmic outing but still minimal in fashion. Field recordings play an important part on “Borobudor 4 AM”, where prayers of Muslims recorded at dawn are implemented in the slow morphing outcome of trance-inducing textures and dronescapes.

In the end, I wouldn’t call this an easy album but those who appreciate cyclic ethno-ambient and atmospheric world music should keep Mr Nerell’s “Lilin Dewa” in mind.

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