Loren Nerell – Slow Dream

Loren Nerell - Slow Dream

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Loren Nerell – Slow Dream
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2012

As some may know, the music of Los Angeles-based composer Loren Nerell always had firm roots in the music from Indonesia, especially when it concerns sounds that were from a gong’s perspective (in that culture, a gong is regarded a thinking spirit).

The deep, dense and cinematic ambient featured on the 67-minute “Slow Dream” (mastered by the capable Steve Roach) fuses recordings from gamelan performances from Bali and Java with heavily processed field recordings (think insects, sounds of temple ceremonies and voices) along expansive drone pads derived from Loren’s trusted modular synths.

The uninterrupted organic soundscape on the low volume “Slow Dream” takes the listener into exotic and amorphous worlds: things here are at a gentle and subtle pace, especially on the mesmerizing title track and the 19-minute “A Sense of Presence”.
At times profoundly hypnotic and introspective, these overall minimal, delicate resonating and mysterious curling spheres descend to a deeper level (or should I say, immerses into an alternate dimension?).

As such, Loren’s seventh solo album is perfect sonic perfume to give the busy nowadays mind a rest and make it travel elsewhere.
Headphones recommended.

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