Loren Nerell – Taksu

Loren Nerell - Taksu

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Loren Nerell – Taksu
CD, Soleilmoon, 2003

As far as I know, this is the sixth cd of Loren, his previous cd (“The Venerable Dark Cloud”) was released on Amplexus in 2000.

Taksu” contains one uninterrupted, cinematic track of 69:17. It’s a slowly evolving, flowing blend of environmental soft drone sounds and Balinese/gamelan instruments, rather soundtrack-like atmospheric music.

Around the 40 minute mark, a bit more Balinese voices enter the soundscape, and overall there’s a slight element of experimentalism in the music. Think of Brain Eno, Robert Rich, Jon Hassell and Steve Roach as a comparison.
By the way, the latter did some final enhancements for this record…

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