Loren Nerell – The Venerable Dark Cloud

Loren Nerell - The Venerable Dark Cloud

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Loren Nerell – The Venerable Dark Cloud
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2016

“What would it be like to be a soul or spirit inside a gong?” You would not think in human ways but maybe in gamelan tones. It’s a question Loren Nerell thought about around 2000 when he was approached to contribute a project to Amplexus mini-cd ambient series. “The Venerable Dark Cloud”, a hybrid of traditional Indonesian gamelan music, mysterious atmospheric soundscapes, field recordings and electronics, is how he imagined it would be to be that gong.

In more recent times, Steve Roach suggested Loren would re-release the enchanted, repetitive-atmospheric and occasional experimental-infused music again, but this time as a full-length version. In order to do so, Mr Nerell searched through his archives and found tracks from the same period matching and following up on the kindred sound design: “Liquid Metal Statis” (that appeared previously on the Hypnos-compilation “Weightless, Effortless”) was slightly remixed for this purpose along an alternative version of the track “Eclipse” now re-titled “Another Cloud”.

These two beautifully rendered pieces don’t stray far from the aural solo works of Robert Rich and the collaborations with Steve Roach, which also applies to the mellow “Tenganan Grove” (one of two new tracks added to complete the mesmerizing 74-minute ambient ride). The 24-minute “Lambat Lane” closes the album in a hypnotizing perfume of environmental soundbits, soft soaring, lush swirling spherics and minimal-drony tapestries.

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