Lost Radiance – Marly

Lost Radiance - Marly

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Lost Radiance – Marly
Digital Download/CD-r,  Sense/Net  Neu Harmony, 2016

“Lost Radiance” is a project by the Russian trio Alexander Asimov, Roman Rogov and Yuriy Miller. “Marly” (a character in William Gibsons cyber-punk novel “Count Zero”) is a 47-minute outing into retro Berlin School territory with minimalist touches featuring energetic, tight and driving sequencers. It strikes even higher on the lovely propelling “part 3”.

What I like especially on this recording is the musicians avoid any solos while focussing on emotive vintage pads and long evolving patterns instead that keep the listener’s attention. A dash of ‘80’s TD realm moves in on “part 6” while the closing part is a calm, melancholic yet reflective vintage soundscape dissolving in the distance.  Nice going, guys.

Website: http://lostradiance.bandcamp.com


Website: http://sensenet.bandcamp.com/album/marly

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