Luis Alberto Naranjo – Total Eclipse

Luis Alberto Naranjo - Total Eclipse

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Luis Alberto Naranjo – Total Eclipse
CD, At-Mooss Records, 2004

Luis Alberto Naranjo hails from Murcia, the south of Spain. He started making his own music in 1993, which led to seven demo releases, so far. Nowadays he also makes music for radio shows and local TV.

“Total Eclipse” is his first official solo-release, a concept-album dedicated to what the composer describes as the New Human Being of the 21st century.
The digital recorded cd with very nice futuristic cover art contains eight tracks, which make up the 52 minutes of contemporary electronic music.

The opening track sounds rather weak, a bit empty and thin at first, but along the way some synth drums and bass-pulses kick in which make it much nicer. In general the music of the tracks that follow is nice but quite average as well.

For me, things turned out interesting on “Echoes from deepen minds”, a tranquil, introspective and completely improvised track which evoked real emotion for me.
This is something I feel the other tracks lack, although they aren’t cold either. The title-track, split in two “parts”, is far more up-tempo and sounding a bit Kraftwerk-like. On part one, Naranjo also plays the Theremin.

“Total Eclipse” is an average, but well produced record.



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