Luminous Dimensions – Luminous Dimensions

Luminous Dimensions - Luminous Dimensions


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Luminous Dimensions – Luminous Dimensions
DVD, Numinations, 2004

Well, fans of the ethereal ambient music of Jeff Pearce can rejoice this unique animation video combining the animation of Michael DuBois and Jeff’s transparent soundscapes.

The animations on “Luminous Dimensions” attempt to represent the majesty and mystery of worlds within. The main course is the almost hour-long “Luminous Voyage”, divided in five movements.
This track features avisionary vista of water, sky and inner space next to Pearce’s remastered long form track “These Waters Wide”, which was originally recorded live on Stars End radio.

Next are four “Luminations” which explore different aspects of the luminosity of imagination, and a compilation piece containing some of the best scenes from the dvd. For these tracks, the formerly released free form music of Jeff Pearce was used.

This is a well-crafted audiovisual experience and a must-have for those who love well composed ambient space music.
This is a very well done project. This dvd is region 1 only.



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