Lyonel Bauchet – The Diver

Lyonel Bauchet - The Diver

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Lyonel Bauchet – The Diver

“The Diver” by French library music composer Lyonel Bauchet -released a decade after his download-only album “The Secret Society”- is a tactile, highly imaginative ambient concept album. It centers on the exploration of the hidden vistas and dark spaces of the deep sea, a fascinating world holding many secrets.

As on the composer’s previous album, Lyonel’s massive Buchla 200e system takes center stage on which he created five tracks featuring compelling yet adventurous sound worlds that ebb and flow like the ocean currents as well as attention to detail. The mysterious, surreal, ominous, and peaceful all pass by in the slowly evolving and shapeshifting 52-minute sound constellation that also inhabits subtle sequencer patterns, quirky sound effects, and restrained percussive elements. Make sure you use headphones when you’re exploring Bauchet’s profound aquatic journey.




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