Lyonel Bauchet – The Secret Society

Lyonel Bauchet - The Secret Society


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Lyonel Bauchet – The Secret Society

This is one of the many digital download-only releases that had to sit too long on my harddisc due to an overflow of music for review. Now that I’m finally giving the album several spins, I much regret I didn’t find time to dig this nice and well-crafted work of warm analogue electronics earlier, that’s all centered around the massive Buchla 200 modular and other assorted vintage gear.

There’s some great, tantelizing sequencer/rhythmic-driven music (“Lifeworld”, “So Much for Subtlety”, “Each will have his personal rocket”) along non-melodic, spherical stuff to be found on Mr Bauchet’s “The Secret Society”, who (according to the press sheet) is a well established and prolific composer of music for TV, film and radio in his home-country France.

Besides that, “The Secret Society” features some great textural/atmospheric ambient stuff as well, like the smooth “Ocean Spleen” sitting nicely next to more slightly experimental-oriented outings such as “Pavane K4816”. On the final track “Thank you and good night” we find a keen mix of melodic music with an experimental-flavoured first few minutes. Then again, it’s the lovely organic undercurrent and excellent mix/mastering gracing Lyonel Bauchet’s smooth evolving and catchy compositions what makes the total outcome even more special and impressive.

All in all, the almost 62-minute “The Secret Society” is a must-have for vintage electronic aficionados.



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