M. Persson – Sounds: Hydra

M. Persson - Sounds: Hydra

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M. Persson – Sounds: Hydra
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Some may know I’m an avid and long-time fan of well-made textural and ambient-space music. Back in 2007, I got to know the fine sound art of “Strange Skies” (re-released in 2012 as download by Free Floating Music) by Swedish composer Mats Persson through the Altus website. Unfortunately, I forgot about him but rediscovered his music while going through my shelves of music lately.

“Hydra” features some non-rhythmic and expansive ambient space music on two 30-minute tracks and one 6-minute piece between them. It’s a harmonious, gracious, most calming and gentle evolving drift of emotive pads carrying onward into the expanse working both as backdrop or more attentive listen.

As such the serene “Hydra” is a great companion to the aforementioned release and highly recommended to all appreciating the sophisticated, immersive aural works of Altus, Thom Brennan or Phillip Wilkerson. An even better sound engineering and mastering would put the icing on the cake here.

Website: mperssonsounds.bandcamp.com

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