M. Persson – Sounds: Strange Skies

M. Persson - Sounds: Strange Skies


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M. Persson – Sounds: Strange Skies
CD-R, Lunar Flower

I discovered this excellent ambient release through a blog-message on the Altus website.

Mats Persson is a Swedish composer who’s intimate sounding album Sounds: “Strange Skies” is intended on conveying a musical experience of complete immersion.

Well, he succeeded very well, as the free flowing textures on the seven tracks evolve slowly, roaming in a beautiful sonic landscape with lots of emotional and melancholic undercurrents.

The meandering, harmonious and slowly cascading tapestries of sound have a strong dreamy, relaxing and cinematic impact, able to transport your mind to beautiful places.
Music for just being as the musician simply puts it.

Highly recommended for all who love the music of James Johnson, Altus and alike!

Website: mperssonsounds.bandcamp.com

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