Magic Sound Fabric – Uplift Drift

Magic Sound Fabric - Uplift Drift

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Magic Sound Fabric – Uplift Drift
CD, Spiralight, 2002

This is the second cd from the American musician Cameron Akhunaton, who hails from Virginia, which carries the subtitle “hifi downtempo ambient groove”.

The cd contains nine tracks offering a fresh sound of dub and occasionally some chill-out styles, which can vaguely be compared to Nu Ambient Groove. But I must say the outcome is far more attractive than that, as Cameron has come up with some keenly composed tracks featuring lots of transparent sounds, melted together with beats and percussive elements.

This piece of work certainly is above average, and also production-wise things are very well done. This cd will certainly be of interest to fans who love the output of the Waveform label and alike.



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