Mako – Forms of Life

Mako - Forms of Life

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Mako – Forms of Life
CD, Seagull Music, 1991

Mako’s third album “Forms of Life”, which took him three years to finish, is the only release of this Austrian musician that made it onto cd until now.

This time, the concept focusses on underwater life, delivering ten atmospheric tracks in which underwater sounds are melted with warm synthetic textures and melodic structures, occasionally accompanied by sequencer patterns and mild rhythms.

Offering over 60 minutes of music, the moody sonic content takes its time to slowly evolve, nicely kicked off by two quiet 9-minute tracks “Searching for Life” and “Rhythmical Tentacles”.
After that, the smooth, contemplative innerspace journey continues with some shorter tracks, although there are two more pieces clocking at
the 8-minute mark.

All in all, the soft floating and cinematic impact of the music (which again was produced by Gandalf) makes it great for relaxation.

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