Mako – In Other Regions

Mako - In Other Regions

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Mako – In Other Regions
LP, Seagull Music, 1986

Mako’s second album “In Other Regions” sees a continuation of the compelling symphonic tone poems as heard on his debut “Meeting with the Sea“.

This time, the 42 minutes of music was initially inspired by the tales of Herman Hesse. At the very heart of the music, one still finds this fairytale-like vibe that is easily able to transport the listeners mind to places beyond imagination, not only due to the keen implementation of natural sound recordings.

A simple song like “Eternal Spring” just gives a happy feeling, while magic steps in when we enter the smooth realms of “Light and Shadows“.
And the sensitive soloing on „Emotional Moments on Top” is the icing on the cake on one of the best tracks found here.

This is great mood music to relax with, especially when heard through headphones.

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