Man from Mars – A Dream of Mars

Man from Mars - A Dream of Mars

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Man from Mars – A Dream of Mars
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Valley View Records, 2021

“A Dream of Mars” is a short story about the beauty of life and Mars, the planet on which humanity plans to continue human life. The tracks on this 16-minute space music Ep are imagined as healing music tuned to 432Hz, made mostly for relaxing/meditation, and meant to be played in a loop. It was the duo’s goal to create a feeling of being on Mars, as such the sound design features lots of small details simulating the feeling of wind carrying sand and dust on a desolate yet life-supporting planet.

Aside from that, they wanted listeners to get attached to certain tracks to remind them of the beautiful moments in their own lives, so some of the tracks have nostalgic emotional melodies floating gently over drone tapestries. Compared to the band’s previous releases, a warmer sound design has been achieved with a nice amount of bass making up a comfortable sonic embrace altogether. My favorites here are the smooth “Falling Star” and “Halcyon”, pure and weightless space music fans will definitely love.

As with “Mars Memory”, one best listens through headphones for full immersion.




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