Man from Mars – Mars Memory

Man from Mars - Mars Memory

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Man from Mars – Mars Memory
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

Man from Mars is a project by two Serbian brothers who started listening to Vangelis at a young age, ending up producing trance and psy-trance music. A few years back they translated one of their trance tracks into a beatless electronic track. As the outcome was satisfactory they started composing more tracks in the same vein which led to a complete switch from trance to electronic/instrumental ambient music. The music of Man from Mars merges drone and space ambient with our previous more melodic style. For “Mars Memory” the two composers envisioned music that would portray the feeling of space, space travel as well as the idea that maybe mankind once used to live on Mars, and moved to Earth. But also, they also looked at the idea that if mankind never were there before, they will once go there, and therefore Mars will once become a memory, hence the title “Mars Memory”.

On “Mars Memory” the result is atmospheric-cinematic tracks with a psychedelic, timeless and floating feel while other takes are softer, more melodic-infused featuring a constant sense of movement. I’m fond of the emotive current embedded in the gentle evolving outcome, especially coming to fruition on “Mind Escape”, the weightless floater “Was it just a Dream?” (also the longest track on the 32-minute Ep), and the ethereal-symphonic-ish “Serenity”. Fans of space music triggering the imagination should give this recording a go for sure.



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