Mank – Awen

Mank - Awen

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Mank – Awen
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manky Music, 2010

“Awen” (a Welsh word for “poetic inspiration”) was released on March 1st 2010, and sees Ben Powell (aka Mank) deliver another fine work of inspired ambient electronic music.

As Ben explains on his website, Mank’s 10th release was inspired by characters from the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh folk tales recording memories of ancient Celtic mythology.
The first two tracks have a minimal/glitchy approach with lots of clicks and rhythmic elements, demonstrating Mank’s inventive composition style of contemporary electronics.

There’s a turn to a classical style on the following three tracks (of which I especially like the slightly anthem-like “Arianrhod”), which all feature a nice interplay of piano and warm strings pads while airing sedate atmospheres.

“Arawn” and “Cwn Annwn” return to the peculiar glitchy/rhythmic approach. The latter composition takes on a pleasant spacious shape as Mr Powell aptly mixes layers of textures over a minimal sequence.
The last two tracks are again something special. “Blodeuwedd” is a sedate and cinematic piece, for which Ben used tidal current data from the Menai Straits while the spherical closing piece “Cyhreath” implements a field recording of an ice breaker crashing through ice with moody string pads and piano.

“Awen” is available as a free download in both Flac and Mp3 format from the composer’s website.


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