Mank – Solipsism

Mank - Solipsism

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Mank – Solipsism
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manky Music, 2015

Composer Ben Powell (aka Mank) told me some of the tracks on “Solipsism” have been around for a long time as he spent a long time getting the mix how he wanted it. As happened on previous Mank-releases, there is a definite two half thing going on: the first half being more upbeat while the second focuses on atmospherics.

I’d say there’s a definite tech-side to the first few pieces, with (breakbeat) rhythms being heavy, bolt or distorted and featured prominently while assorted sampled sounds and effects fly by in the quite quirky sounding and peculiar constructed tracks. In that respect “Bwyd Ellyllon” is the nastiest one with its static bonky beat.
Fortunately, things shift to a much mellower and spatial sound on the last three pieces, where an organic undercurrent is still present. The final track “Nebulous Desires” proves the most atmospheric and the one I like best.

All in all, this recording proves quite a demanding and challenging listen for those who prefer electronic ambient music.


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