Marcomé – Seven Seas

Marcomé - Seven Seas


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Marcomé – Seven Seas
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Rubicon Records/Marco Productions, 1996

The (sadly deceased) Canadian label Rubicon Records released the feel-good/new-age album “Seven Seas” in 1996, which is the debut-album by Canadian singer/songwriter Marcomé (written as Marco May on my copy and also pronounced that way). Synthesist and producer Michel Robidoux was involved in the making of this album, which contains 11 instrumental and vocal tracks.

Marcomé’s music blends world music rhythms, middle-eastern intonations and new-age ‘airiness’, layered it with multiple velvet, ethereal and celestial voices along invented wordless languages Marcomé refers to as ‘onomatopoeia’. The outcome evokes a positive, profoundly happy mood, with excellent pieces such as “Yeku”, “Librarsi” or the vibrant title track. The spiritual, the sensual and the divine form the fascinating sonic chemistry on “Seven Seas”, which (to a certain degree) is a bit similar to Enya’s “Watermark”.

If you’re inspired by life, practice personal spiritual evolution, meditate and devote your soul to enhancing your life experiences, than the most enchanting, and highly spiritual music found here is a recommended soundtrack companion for you.

From her website I learned the recording was remastered and re-released in 2006.



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