Maria Warner – Metamorphosis

Maria Warner - Metamorphosis

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Maria Warner – Metamorphosis
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Neu Harmony, 2018

I don’t have a clue who might be the skilled musician (according the label a musician who has been on the Em-scene for almost 30 years) hiding behind the Maria Warner moniker. But so far all recordings I heard from this guy rank far above average.

On “Metamorphosis”–the artists own inspiration of Kafka’s story The Metamorphosis-  busy minimalist and rather complex sequencer sketches dominate the 22-minute “Circulation of Flies” contrary the vintage freeform textures making up the 27-minute (4-stars) “Requiem Intersectum”. The latter is special to me, dwelling in the timeless atmospheric, a distant space where heavenly mellotron tapestries and strings of analogue pads reminiscent of classic Schulze and TD from the early and mid ‘70’s merge sophisticatedly. The reveal of a gentle shifting, profound emotive current is imminent as this great piece evolves. Recommended.



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