Maria Warner – Slipstream

Maria Warner - Slipstream

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Maria Warner – Slipstream
CD-r/Digital Download,  Neu Harmony, 2019

No other than accomplished British synthesist Michael Neil -residing in Berlin since several years- is the musician behind the Maria Warner project. Inspired by his connection to the Berlin School scene both physically and spiritually, Michael tries to emulate the kind of electronic music that inspired him to work in the field in the first place, most notably that of classic Tangerine Dream and the solo work of the original line-up.

The major part of three-track “Sliptream” links to TD’s “Ricochet” with its display of sequencer-driven patterns (where Michael has tried to be as creative as possible) and vintage synth pads next to “Mellotropia’s” constellation of heavenly mellotron textures. “Slipstream Part 2” sees a return to the dynamic style also heard on the first part with interlocking sequencer flood, mellotron tapestries and some soloing bits on top.




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