Mário Raposo – Humanization

Mário Raposo – Humanization

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Mário Raposo – Humanization
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

Mário Raposo is an independent electronic music composer hailing from the Azores. His work ranges from electronic/new age to neoclassical and film music but in recent times he’s been composing mostly melodic electronic-space music and ambient-new age.

The concept album “Humanization”, roaming in the eletronic-progressive style, focuses on a futuristic sci-fi ambience, the humanization of an intelligent race regardless of its origin in the universe.

The 52-minute/nine track outcome offers an expansive, open, sweeping and fresh sounddesign merging melodic, cinematic-ish and rather majestic vibes to a cohesive whole. The progressive touch surfaces occasionally like on the second part of “Transmission from Niburu” while Mário comes up with some nice sequencer-driven parts on other spots such as “A Love Affair Lost in Space” and “Future City Downtown”. Tracks like “Machines for the common welfare”, “Ethnic Divergence” and “Space Race” are more upfront, dynamic, sequencer-driven exercises with things settling down again on the closing piece.

Website: http://marioraposo.bandcamp.com


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