Mario Schönwälder – Traum & Trauma

Mario Schönwälder - Traum & Trauma

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Mario Schönwälder – Traum & Trauma
CD, Manikin Records, 2015

Berlin-based Mario Schönwälder, well-known as synthesist of the trio BKS, hereby present a new solo album after a lengthy pause of 19 years. I would rather call the outcome an Ep, as it contains only 40 minutes of music.

The two-track “Traum & Trauma” though doesn’t stray that much into Berlin School oriented music (except the used sequencers on the first piece), instead head into ambient. Slow flowing textures and rather drony soundscapes (plus a not that great bass sequence surfacing now and then) make up “Traum”. Here I miss a proper direction in the improvised and rather superficial sounding music.

The 21-minute “Trauma” though comes forward much stronger but quiet. It is centered round smooth shifting, darker-shaded atmospheres, relying much more on free form ambient, gloomy and gothic-flavored textures with a just few subtle sequencer bits that linger in the background. I for one would have loved more music in that style, which should have an even deeper atmosphere if possible.


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