Mark Biehl – Landscapes

Mark Biehl - Landscapes

Release data:

Mark Biehl – Landscapes
CD, Acuity Soundworks, 1999

“Landscapes” is the debut cd from the American composer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Biehl.
It embraces the mind travel theme, which serves to take listeners on an invigorating musical journey to distant lands and exotic places, described in detail in the full-colour booklet.

“Landscapes” contains a varied range of cinematic, adventurous and ethnic spiced electronic music, split in seven tracks.

The 58 minutes of music features well done acoustic and percussive samples next to rather complex composition, of which the first two tracks slightly remind of Tangerine Dream with a twist.
The second track also carries a minor Andreas Vollenweider flavour before the music turns in its own direction.

This dynamic release also contains some symphonic realms in the way Dutch keyboarder Tom Habes made his music. The execution of the music is very well done as is the overall production.

All in all, this is an great imaginary sound document to experience destinations around the globe and beyond, made with a tasteful blend of interwoven sampled and synthesized sources.



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