Mark Dwane – The Monuments of Mars

Mark Dwane - The Monuments of Mars


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Mark Dwane – The Monuments of Mars
CD, Orbian Music, 1988

Going through my collection, I stumbled upon this classic recording of Ohio-based synthesist Mark Dwane, which I purchased right after its release in 1988.
The 39-minute “The Monuments of Mars” is Mark Dwane’s first cd-album, and it was also the first of its kind completely made using a polyphonic MIDI guitar system (only the percussion was keyboard-based).

Inspired by Richard Hoagland’s book of the same name, the cd offers some dynamic, highly cinematic space music. It’s a mysterious soundtrack about an ancient Martian civilization and its desolate landscape scenery.

The haunting sonic story is put down in nicely layered symphonic tapestries and sweeping (sometimes recurring) themes. Sometimes there’s a hint of ‘80’s Tangerine Dream, as heard on “Water Age”.
The outcome of smooth MIDI guitar orchestrations incorporates the appropriate sense of drama and spaciousness to take you inside its otherworldly but comfortable realm.

Until today, the digitally recorded “The Monuments of Mars” still sounds fresh and exciting, and remains an album to cherish.
Meanwhile, the album has been re-released with an adapted red cd-cover.



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