Mark Jenkins – iPad Album

Mark Jenkins - iPad Album

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Mark Jenkins – iPad Album
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

Next to the “IpaDream” release, Mark Jenkins also put out the “iPad album”, an eight-track cd-r for which he applied the following iPad apps: iSequence (sounds and drums), Jasuto Pro (modular synthesizer), FunkBox (drums), ihicket (touch responsive sounds), SoundyThingie (touch responsive sounds), MorphWiz (Theremin-style sounds), SoundWarp (sampled sounds), OrbNote (ambient backings), SoundYeah (live audio loops) and Mellotron M3000 (chords).

The music, again made using only an Apple MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad, offered Mark a huge freedom of music creation. In his words, the portable live music setup with its multitouch abilities takes things far beyond any existing instrument line-up into completely new ways of making and mixing music with a touch.

The uninterrupted outcome is highly dominated by sequences and rhythms, and feels like a journey into experimentation, sound design and high technology while paying tribute to the classic Berliner School of electronic music of especially ’80’s Tangerine Dream.
I especially like the spatial, up-tempo sequencer piece “Moonchild” next to the energetic “Roadrunner”.

All in all another fun release.
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