Mark Jenkins – This Island Earth

Mark Jenkins - This Island Earth

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Mark Jenkins – This Island Earth
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2006

The 66 minute cd “This Island Earth” comprises music recorded and composed on analogue and digital equipment on various locations on our globe, presented in three suites.

For Mark himself, the album is an over flight of compositions and recordings methods which made evolve the art, since the first analogue stammerings.

The strong Berliner School inspired “New Jersey Shore” offers some very nice sequencing with melodic electronics.
“This Island Earth” is far more dynamic with its progrock elements in the first track, which later on blends with straight forward sequencing as the sounds of Orbital Decay’s solo guitar pop up.

The energetic but rather conventional electronics of “The Graveyard of Dreams”, recorded at the Dutch Alpha Centauri Festival in 2002, once more nicely blends elements from the Berliner School.

All in all, “This Island Earth” (released as a limited edition of 300 copies) sure contains some nice recordings which are worth checking out.


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