Mark Mercury – Music from the Cycles of Spheres

Mark Mercury - Music from the Cycles of Spheres

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Mark Mercury – Music from the Cycles of Spheres
CD, Private Release, 2001

This album is actually a rebuilt version of the “Deep Spaces” album that space and planetarium composer Mark Mercury had in the works for quite a while.
Now it is being used for the identically-titled art exhibition of Mary Edna Fraser, carrying the subtitle “Mapping the Planets in Silk and Sound.”

The album immediately gives an overall cinematic feel with its soft, symphonic-oriented electronic music with parts that are even somewhat orchestral.

It offers many perspectives, ranging from traditional space to almost fairy-tale-like music, even bringing the film “The Never-Ending Story” to

In three long tracks of 13, 28, and 13 minutes, Mark is a masterful and talented conductor of synths, spreading ongoing rich tapestries of sounds with very nice nuances.
The closing track, “Deep Spaces,” is a little more restless, but is still satisfying enough in the end.


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