Mark Mercury – Music of the Domes

Mark Mercury - Music of the Domes

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Mark Mercury – Music of the Domes
CD, Private Release, 1992

Mark Mercury is an American composer of electronic music with a strong cinematic feel.

The music on this cd is actually real planetarium music, split into five long tracks.
Listening to it is a special experience as the descriptive, light symphonic angles and orchestral timbres shapeshift on and on in various ways.
This made me really miss the accompanying images in some passages as you just feel in your bones that there’s a lot going on.

Next to intimate synth washes and the already-mentioned more turbulent interventions, the overall compositional style is rather complex, meaning that the listener has to take more than one or two listenings to feel and understand its meaning and subtlety.

All in all, this cd is certaintly worth checking out.


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