Mark Mercury – The Art of Space

Mark Mercury - The Art of Space

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Mark Mercury – The Art of Space
CD, Private Release, 1991

“The Art of Space”, the second release by Pasadena-based composer Mark Mercury, is a 60-minute suite of contemporary and classical/symphonic electronic music, including five tracks containing the spoken verse by actors of poets addressing space themes.

The poetry chronicles the thoughts and emotions of a lone space traveler spinning deeper and deeper into the cosmos. The lush and intense sound featured in the 18 compositions reminds of the works of Tomita (e.g. “Dance of the Robots”), Wendy Carlos and Amin Bhatia.
Despite a clear link to planetarium music, the free style outcome and broad musical palette isn’t always that easy at hand, but a serene textural ambient outing like “The Sirens” will be liked by Michael Stearns aficionados.

All in all, this mixed bag of colors and sounds is too inconsistent to my ears, but these cosmic explorations might work if you prefer the impressionistic approach.


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