Mark Rownd – Painting Twilight

Mark Rownd - Painting Twilight


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Mark Rownd – Painting Twilight
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1998

The title of this 1998-release on the ambitious, high-quality label Spotted Peccary, pretty well describes the overall atmosphere and feel of the music.
The type of music covered on “Painting Twilight” (the second album by Los Angeles-based musician Mark Rownd) is “tribal ambient-space music”, for which an assortment of percussive instruments was used to shape the light poly-rhythmic sonic structures next to various synths.

The introspective, very nicely rendered soundtextures show traces of the music of Jeff Pearce, Steve Roach, Tim Story and even Brian Eno, making things slow down easily.
To me, the nine minute “Eyes of Azure”, featuring some beautiful ethereal female vocals, sure is the highlight of the album.

All in all, the well produced and mastered sonic content of “Painting Twilight” is a perfect relaxation companion when watching the sky turn into multiple colours and shapes as the sun works its magic.
Nice going, Mark!



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