Mark Shreeve – Thoughts of War

Mark Shreeve - Thoughts of War


Release data:

Mark Shreeve – Thoughts of War
CD, Champagne Lake Productions, 1981/2000

Mark Shreeve’s album “Thoughts of War”, was released in 2000 on cd in a limited and numbered edition of 300 copies, although the original came out on vinyl back in 1981 on the Norwegian Uniton label.

The recording contains four lengthy compositions which features a great interplay of heavy modulated synthetic sounds, well rendered sequencer movements and more upbeat sections, together creating a cinematic canvas. It’s very dark, brooding and cold-flavoured mood music though, full of contrast and variation.

Presented as expansive string washes and vintage sequencing, the outcome is clearly influenced by mid-period Tangerine Dream and early ‘70’s Klaus Schulze, although a slight vein of Michael Garrison is also noticeable.

I got the impression the first cd release ran out fast and was followed by a second batch, as my copy is numbered 534/300, and as far as I know there are still copies floating around.

Without doubt, “Thoughts of War” belongs to the true classics in the genre. After this album, Mark would turn up the alley of powerhouse electronics.

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