Markus Reuter & Robert Rich – Eleven Questions

Markus Reuter & Robert Rich - Eleven Questions

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Markus Reuter & Robert Rich – Eleven Questions
CD, Unsung Records, 2007

“Eleven Questions”, which comes in a Super Jewel Box packaging, is a collaborative album of ambient musician Robert Rich and ambient guitarist Markus Reuter.

The cd contains thirteen tracks (short, concise statements) of overall electro-acoustic and acoustic nature, in which synthesizers only play a minor role.

“Reminder” kicks off rather quirky, but the following two tracks “Reductive” and “Recall” are wel done atmospherics with nice flute and lap steel guitar.

These “audiophile sensibilities” are straight forward, intense but odd as well, so check out some samples before tapping deeper into the sound alchemy of this both quirky as unusual ambient-acoustic puzzle.


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