Marsen Jules – Nostalgia

Marsen Jules - Nostalgia

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Marsen Jules – Nostalgia

Marsen Jules is a project by the German musician Martin Juhls, who is composing music since 2005. Presented as the “long awaited continuation of his classic “Herbstlaub”, the overall flavour of “Nostalgia” made me think of the releases on the Palace of Light label: although musically different, it evokes a strong sense of yearning, intimacy and melancholia.

Mr Juhls minimal-oriented and particularly slow music is a blend of neo-classical pads connecting with the contemporary, in which orchestral hints and light string arrangements shift and curl in an emotive manner.
Centered on the key motifs desire, rebellion and mortality, the 43-minute sound painting has a delicacy and gentleness which is slightly deregulated by some distorted noise washes and an overall clouded sound spectrum.

The meandering music even finds its way into into more darker, shadowed territory on the pieces “Endless Whisper of the old Brigade”, “Shadow/Waltz” and “Sweet sweet longing”. After that, we step into the light again with the smooth breezes and uplifting textures of the beautiful “Kunderas Dream”, finding an ending in the blissful “Sleep My Brother Sleep”.

Overall, “Nostalgia” makes a peculiar ambient album with sadening, reflective free form soundscapes.



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