Martin Carradus – Analog

Martin Carradus - Analog

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Martin Carradus – Analog
CD-R, Toffeetones, 2009

English musician Martin Carradus is the lucky owner of an extensive range of vintage synthesizers and effects, who is describes as a guys who brings the golden age of analogue back to the future.

One might expect some nice things will be happening when one has such a collection, so how amazed and disappointed I was to find out Carradus’ music was the total opposite, sounding simply horrible.

The eleven music tracks on “Analog”, created entirely from vintage analogue synthesizers and recording equipment, reveal a total lack of musicianship, containing abstract, spooky, very dark and experimental electronics with a brooding feel.
Together, they are a plague, at least to my ears. On Martin’s blog, I saw it describes as “a cross between the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (Dr. Who incidental music) and early UK industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltaire)”.

So in more than one way, I’m glad this album of “sonic pollution” is released as a very limited edition and won’t test the ears of too many listeners…



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