Martin Peters – Angels of Nowhere

Martin Peters - Angels of Nowhere


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Martin Peters – Angels of Nowhere
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited , 2016

With “Angels of Nowhere”, Dutch synthesist Martin Peters (also one half of Beyond Berlin), presents a fine and moody debut album.

The nine track outcome, although inspired by and rooted firmly in the Berlin School territory, vents is own style, sounding overall mellow and emotive while containing only occasional solos and not becoming that song-melodic.

“A New Day” and “Nova” are longer tracks unfolding in a slow, minimalist manner while “Third Try” is the highlight for me featuring some nice, soft breaks beyond great joyous soloing. Next to that I’m most pleased by the overall intrinsic yet gentle mellowness of this thoughtful-made 62-minute collection of music.
Hats off, Martin!



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