Martin Solós – Coro de las Estrellas

Martin Solós - Coro de las Estrellas

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Martin Solós – Coro de las Estrellas (Chorus of the Stars)
DIGITAL EP, Private Release, 2013

This release is one of the many unsolicited albums I receive on a regular basis, made by Birmingham-based composer Martin Solós.

“Coro de las Estrellas” (“Chorus of the Stars”) is his first effort, a passionate 16-minute ambient/space piece in glorious 70’s Berliner School style. The gentle soaring atmospheric music (with a kind of “Moondawn”-flavor) smoothly morphs and evolves in a pleasant ebb and flow manner, while a sequencer line sets the pace. Around the 8-minute mark, an Ashra-ish e-guitar sound shows up, giving an extra dimension to the emotive flight.

Some further improvements on production and mastering could make this fine outcome even better. For now, nice job Martin!



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